Friday, October 4, 2019

Tesla Vs. Edison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Tesla Vs. Edison - Essay Example entions, they were two individuals with different personalities and mind frames leading to Tesla using imagination when it came to inventions while Edison was a sketcher and somehow disorganized. Edison however bagged over 1000 patents while Tesla had less than 300 patents. Edison is thought of as the father of moving pictures, light bulbs and phonography while Tesla is the father of radio, television, telephone and even cell phones based on his futuristic thinking (McNichol 70). A DC power is much simpler than AC and hence less effective. The DC power is used at a shorter distance powers as it lasts for short time and needs constant change or recharging. It is used in smaller electronic devices as a result. It is common in cell phones, computers and other automotive systems. It is also and used by equipment that does not require a lot of power like lamps. Since his type of power is less effective, it is stored in batteries and used as a form of back up for a short period of time before the AC power use can resume. The AC on the other hand can be transmitted over long distances and hence distributed from transformers and power plants that are far away like the way the Niagara Falls supplies electricity to neighboring states thousands of miles away. The AC is also cheaper than the DC as the wires used are less costly, can be operated easily and can be used by a wide range of electric equipment. This is what is used in most homes and industries. It is however costly in terms of stepping it up and stepping it down when necessary as a result of the equipment used (Howell 64). The AC power was the first one to be developed and invented and it was done by Tesla. The DC was a counter invention by Edison but he did it with the assistance of other people before him. It was a way of bringing down the AC invention and make people use it more but it turned out to be less effective than AC and only used as a form of backup or for the smaller electrical equipment. The war of

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