Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Select a photograph of your choice and, using the processes of visual Essay

Select a photograph of your choice and, using the processes of visual analysis, discuss Sontag's statement in relation to fas - Essay Example Sontag was born Susan Rosenblatt, in New York the spawn of Mildred and Jack Rosenblatt, who both hailed from Jewish origins. All through Sonntag’s had a great passion and liking of photography. She started publishing articles on photography in the New York review of books within 1973 to 1977. She would later release books on photography where she would express her stance on the past account and present-day function, off camera work in capitalist countries as well as the impact of photography of the 1970s.During this time she discussed a lot of examples issues and challenges facing modern photography. Susan is well known for her tremendous contribution in photography in one of his books he outlines the importance of photos. Photographs provide proof. Something we listen to, but suspicion, seems to confirm when we're provided with a photo of it. In one account of its effectiveness, the camera evidence incriminates. In one of her books On Photography page 23 (1979) Susan tries to express how she feels what is expressed through the lens holds back more realistic. Information then it gives at one point stating that â€Å"the cameras rendering of reality must hide more than it discloses†. This statement that forms the context the study for the rest of the paper. In an effort to count our discount this statement in line with the photo used and how this statement impacts of fashion as a whole. The statement tries to suggest that. For each and every photo taken it holds back more ideal and real information than the one it puts forth or discloses as the reality. In the picture depicted above is captioned from an upfront close up position concentrating only on the face of the individual. The content of the photograph can be easily be identified. The sense of style and fashion is well depicted the photo even outlines a habitual practice of the party involved as it shows him smoking further propagating the notion that smoking is fashionable as many believe. Sa ntiago’s statement states that the camera rendering the reality must always hide more than it reveals discloses. This statement may draw various interpretations according to the specific photo in context. The thematic approach and the contents of the photo, this is more of a fact as the cameras outcome can be easily be determined by the person taking the caption. It has been well known that photographers tend to present the type of photo they believe is the most appealing to the individual or for a particular cause. Photography has undergone great revolution overtime since the advent of photos in the 1830s technological advancement has propelled the whole aspect of photography to a new level of great significance. The above photo has been taken from a close vantage point and partially exposed to right with the sole intention of making it more appealing. This is further proof of Santiago’s statement that for every part depicted allot more of significance left behind the scenes so that the photo will remain relevant by creating the impression given. Though the approach is upfront its not a direct approach as the individual though the intention of the photographer is evident as the point of attention is the face. The dark background is effectively utilized so that it can hinder any other feature within the individuals that may try to show the opposite of what the

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