Friday, October 18, 2019

Stock analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Stock analysis - Essay Example The management of the company consists of some of the best professionals in the field; this is under the management of Larry Page who is not only the Chief Executive Officer but also the founder. This is a guarantee that he has faith in his company and he understands the importance of the products and the services that the company offers. Having built the company from scratch it is expected that he will lead the company to further growth which will have a direct impact on shareholders wealth The company runs the most popular search website in the world and provides advertising technology to clients on a global scale (Koller, 54). It has technology that enables the users to get better information in regards to search results. There is a clear representation of pictures, videos and text that has made it very popular with users. Its programs such as AdSense and Ad words are easy to use and make it possible for clients to post their advertisements, uptake of these products is expected to increase by 23% in this financial year. Google is in the technology industry and success in this industry is dependent on the ability of an organisation to come up with innovative products and services on a regular basis. Google has been active in the research end and as a result has been able to regularly come up with products that suit the needs of the consumers. Google has an experimentation culture and this ensures that the company always produces new products that keep potential competitors at bay. Therefore this makes a good investment due to the fact that it will always have products that will keep consumers interested. The operational strategy adopted by Google has proven effective. It produces products that are user specific and are targeted towards a certain group of people or companies. This ensures that these products are tailor made for them at a low cost that

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