Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Innovation in nursing IP phase 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Innovation in nursing IP phase 2 - Assignment Example Answers for Appendix A are: 1) 7, 2) 6, 3) 7, 4) 8, 5) 6, 6) 7, 8) 6, 9) 7, 10) 8, 11) 7, 12) 7, 13) 8, 14) 8, 15) 7, 16) 8, and 17) 8. After computing for the score, the mean for the exercise is 6.35. It is just a few points above half the scale. There is still room for improvements towards innovation in medical nursing care. The result may not be as impressive as initially expected but theoretical assessment does not literally translate to actual assessment which matters the most (Endsley, 2010). Strong points would be willingness to learn and open-mindedness. One would strongly consider those characteristics in a person who is working in the medical field as one would take in instructions from physicians. A single mistake into executing the instruction may put a patient’s life in jeopardy. Willingness to learn is somewhat associated with the fact that though one is knowledgeable in the field, there would be breakthroughs and changes which are needed to be executed. Learning, especially in the medical field, does not end upon graduation. There would be changes in the way medications would be administered to patients which are very crucial. Learning is not just the important thing at this aspect but also being properly informed. The two goes hand in hand. As for open-mindedness, there would be come a time that a nurse would be getting orders from interns and/or specialists who could be not just younger in age but also younger in exposure to the actual hospital or clini c. At this point, though the idea and concept of respect should always be present at a working environment, it is not always those who are employed longer who would get the final decision. This characteristic is truly crucial in the nursing world. As for weakness, one could point out lack of confidence and occasional stubbornness. Methods of expanding and enhancing innovations should be more inclined towards hand-on learning. It would give nurses

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