Saturday, October 5, 2019

Animal Behaviour Questionnaire Assignment #3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Animal Behaviour Questionnaire #3 - Assignment Example The behavior of the male lions on the other hand is slightly different because, lions have the tendency of assessing each other’s manes and liked to generally engage in fights without any actual physical contact. However, the darkness of the mane exuded that it was thicker than lighter mane and therefore lend better protection in a fight (West et al,2006, p609) Therefore, the lighter maned ones rarely approached the dark maned models. Dark colored manes means the lion must be aggressive and strong therefore the weaker light colored lions steer clear of the darker maned ones to avoid chanced of confrontations. 3. The findings that indicate that the gender of a species responsible for parental care lives longer is not completely true since it cannot be accurately concluded from the length of an individual’s lifespan that prolonged lifespan was a result of parental behavior among the species. It is also inaccurate the among species which takes a long time to grow and mature, longer lifespan of the parental sex has gained selection advantage is also since a long life is beneficial for the species as a whole and not in terms of individual life spans. There may be alternate explanations for the prolonged lifespan of the parental gender than that of the non-parental gender. We may perhaps propose that among animals where the female is the care provider, the resources are first taken by the female sin order to feed the young ones of the group. The resources therefore decrease and become limited for the male members of the grout which enhances intraspecific competition for resources among the male members leading to life-shortening risks to acquire the resources for survival. On the other hand among species where the male members are responsible for giving care, the female members compete over the limited resources and

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