Monday, October 7, 2019

Article's Critique 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Article's Critique 2 - Essay Example However, Anna M. Miller maintains a different perspective of the sustainability of the various alternatives base on the potential benefits and costs they would impose on the people. Nonetheless, the validity of the authors view on the much-required reforms in the health care sector at the time is debatable. The main purpose of Millers article ‘Health Care Reform: Clarifying the Concepts is to address the financial issues that relate to the health care reform. In the article, the author primarily describes the various options conceptualized by special interest groups and policymakers (Miller, 1993). Effecting a meaningful reform in the health care sector require a prudent consideration of the different financial strategies to implementing various reform options as discussed at length in the article. Most often, in the application of individual insights and the maintenance of mutual interest, we are prompted to perceive things differently. In connection with the reforms, it is the viewpoint of the author that the available financial reform strategies are oversimplified with an intention of exploring their basics. Maybe or maybe not. The issue of the options being oversimplified in the article is the authors belief that may not be the case for the neutral reader. The intricacy of th e strategies is maintained when the little distinction between the options is made, and we only find that it is difficult to tell the likely better direction one should take. Millers intention in writing the article was to reveal how challenging it was to implement the inevitable reforms in health care. The authors intention to contrast the push for basic reforms and incremental changes, as advocated for by different forces, can be established with ease. It is the authors belief that implementing any changes in the health sector required the political goodwill of the policymakers (Miller, 1993).

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