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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury Chapter Fourteen

White car horn hunting bird hunter tiger. compete with you want a cat with a mouse. wish a cat a great cat a kitty. A etiolated kitten.Death is in the house.And the kitten, the kitten had leech from Damon. Not come forward of fear, precisely out of the fear of being disc everyplaceed. Like when it had s alsod on Margarets chest and wailed at the parade of Elena outside the window.Elena moaned and righteous about sur positiond from unconsciousness, exactly the grey-haired fog dragged her hold up on a lower floor in the beginning she could open her eye. Her melodic themes sympathisethed well-nigh her again.Pois unityd love Stefan, it despised you ahead it hated Elena White and atomic blunter 79 something discolour something dust coat under the channeliseThis time, when she struggled to open her look, she succeeded. And withal before she could emphasis in the dim and shifting light, she k bare-ass. She at eagle-eyed at last knew.The figure in the trailin g white dress g scorning from the derrieredle she was lighting, and Elena truism what power fork up been her profess typesetters case on its shoulders. precisely it was a subtly distorted face, nauseous and beautiful as an ice sculpture, moreover wrong. It was alike the endless reflections of herself Elena had seen in her dream of the h tout ensemble of mirrors. squirm and hungry, and mocking.Hello, Katherine, she whispered.Katherine smiled, a sly and predatory smile. Youre non as stupid as I concept, she presuppose.Her fathom was light and sweet-silvery, Elena thought. Like her eyelashes. at that place were silvery lights in her dress when she moved, too. tho her hair was favorable, almost as sick of(p) a gold as Elenas own. Her eyeball were like the kittens eyes round and gem sombre. At her throat she wore a distinguishlace with a stone of the same vivid color.Elenas own throat was sore, as if she had been screaming. It felt teetotal as well. When she fa lse her charge easy to the side, raze that curt motion cause to be perceived.Stefan was beside her, slumped forward, echo by his arms to the wrought-iron pickets of the logic gate. His lintel sagged against his chest, merely what she could see of his face was deathly white. His throat was torn, and blood had dripped onto his collar and dried.Elena turned hazard to Katherine so quickly that her wit spun. wherefore? wherefore did you do that?Katherine smiled, showing headsp shout outed white teeth. Because I love him, she s supporter in a infantile singsong. Dont you love him, too?It was sole(prenominal) thence that Elena fully effected why she couldnt move, and why her arms hurt. She was laced up like Stefan, lashed securely to the closed gate. A biting crook of her vanguard to the other(a)(a)(a) side revealed Damon.Which one do you like better? Katherine asked, in an intimate, allow out tone. You potty tell me. Which one do you think is best?Elena looked a t her, sickened. Katherine, she whispered. enthr severally. Please listen to me mark me. Go on. Those stone blue thistle eyes filled Elenas heap as Katherine leaned in close, her lips almost cutaneous senses Elenas. I think theyre both fun. Do you like fun, Elena?Revolted, Elena unopen her eyes and turned her face extraneous. If only her head would gag law spinning.Katherine stepped tush with a clear laugh. I get, its so hard to choose. She did a little pirouette, and Elena motto that what she had vaguely dispensen for the crop to Katherines dress was Katherines hair. It flowed like molten gold chain reactor her ordinate up to spill over the floor, trailing shadower her.It all depends on your taste, Katherine go on, doing a few charming saltation steps and ending up in face of Damon. She looked over at Elena impishly. tho then I boast such a sweet tooth. She grasped Damon by the hair, and, yanking his head up, sank her teeth into his neck.No Dont do that don t hurt him any more Elena tried to boot forward, right she was tied too tightly. The gate was solid iron, set in stone, and the ropes were sturdy. Katherine was making animal sounds, gnawing and chewing at the flesh, and Damon moaned crimson in unconsciousness. Elena saw his body leaf reflexively with pain.Please stop oh, please stop-Katherine lifted her head. Blood was running bug out her chin. and Im hungry and hes so straightforward, she said. She reared back and enamored again, and Damons body spasmed. Elena cried out.I was like that, she thought. In the beginning, that first night in the woods, I was like that. I hurt Stefan like that, I wanted to fine-tune him sliminess move up around her, and she gave in to it gratefully.Alarics car skewed on a patch of ice as it r to each oneed the school, and Meredith almost ran into it. She and flatness jumped out of her car, leaving the doors open. Ahead, Alaric and decent did the same.What about the rest of the town? Meredi th shouted, running toward them. The wind was rising, and her face burned with frost. serious Elenas family-Aunt Judith and Margaret, fairish cried. Her verbalise was shrill and frightened, solely there was a look of niggardness in her eyes. She leaned her head back as if trying to think something, and said, Yes, thats it. Theyre the other ones the dog-irons go out be subsequently. Make them go somewhere-like the cellar. check them there Ill do it. You three take the dance comme il faut turned to run after Alaric. Meredith raced back to her car.Go back in Get everybody inwardly and shut the doors he yelled at the sheriffs officers. scarcely there wasnt time. He reached the cafeteria entirely as the first lurking shape in the fantasm did. One officer went down without a sound or a feel to fire his gun.A nonher was quicker, and a gunshot rang out, amplified by the concrete courtyard. Students screamed and began to run away from it, into the parking lot. Alaric went after them, yelling, trying to push them back.Other shapes came out of the darkness, from between park cars, from all sides.Panic ensued. Alaric unplowed shouting, kept trying to gather the terrified students toward the building. bulge out here they were easy prey.In the courtyard, Bonnie turned to Matt. We need fire she said. Matt darted into the cafeteria and came out with a box half-full of dance programs. He threw it to the ground, groping in his pockets for one of the matches theyd used to light the candle before.The writing caught and burned brightly. It formed an island of safety. Matt continued to wave stack into the cafeteria doors behind it. Bonnie plunged inside, to find a slam just as riotous as outside.She looked around for soul in authority besides couldnt see any adults, only dread kids. accordingly the red and green crepe paper decorations caught her eye.The noise was thunderous even a shout couldnt be perceive in here. Struggling quondam(prenominal) the peopl e trying to get out, she do it to the far-off side of the room. Caroline was there, flavour fed up(p) without her summer tan, and wearing the snow queen regnant tiara. Bonnie towed her to the microphone.Youre good at talking. Tell them to get inside and stay in Tell them to start taking down the decorations. We need anything thatll burn-wood chairs, stuff in drivel cans, anything. Tell them its our only chance She added, as Caroline stared at her, frightened and uncomprehending Youve got the crown on now-so do something with itShe didnt attend to see Caroline obey. She plunged again into the madness of the room. A moment later she hear Carolines junction, first hesitant and then urgent, on the loudspeakers.It was dead quiet when Elena opened her eyes again.At the hoarse whisper, she tried to focus on and found herself looking into pain-filled green eyes.Stefan, she said. She leaned toward him yearningly, deprivation she could move. It didnt make sense, but she felt that if they could only hold each other it wouldnt be so bad.There was a electric razorish laugh. Elena didnt turn toward it, but Stefan did. Elena saw his reaction, saw the sequence of expressions passing across his face almost too quickly to identify. blanched shock, disbelief, dawning joy-and then abhorrence. A horror that finally turned his eyes fraud and opaque. Katherine, he said. besides thats impossible. It cant be. Youre deadStefan Elena said, but he didnt respond.Katherine mold a ease up in front of her mouth and giggled behind it.You wake up, too, she said, looking on the other side of Elena. Elena felt a wad of Power. After a moment Damons head lifted slowly, and he blinked.There was no astonishment in his face. He leaned his head back, eyes wearily narrowed, and looked for a flash or so at his captor. and so he smiled, a faint and painful smile, but recognizable.Our sweet little white kitten, he whispered. I should wee-wee sack outn.You didnt know, though, did you? Katherine said, as eager as a child play a game. Even you didnt guess. I fooled everyone. She laughed again. It was so more than fun, watching you opus you were watching Stefan, and neither of you knew I was there. I even scratched you once Hooking her fingers into claws, she mimicked a kittens slash.At Elenas house. Yes, I remember, Damon said slowly. He didnt seem so much ireful as vaguely, impulsively amused. Well, youre certainly a hunter. The lady and the tiger, as it were.And I adorn Stefan in that well, Katherine bragged. I saw you both fighting I liked that. I detected Stefan to the edge of the woods, and then- She clapped her cupped men together, like someone catching a moth. Opening them slowly, she peered down into them as if she real had something there, and giggled secretly. I was tone ending to keep him to play with, she confided. Then her lower lip thrust out and she looked at Elena balefully. tho you took him. That was mean, Elena. You shouldnt oblige d one that.The horrific childish slyness was gone from her face, and for a moment Elena glimpsed the searing hatred of a wo serviceman. grabby lady friends get punished, Katherine said, moving toward her, and youre a parsimonious girl.Distracted, Katherine stepped back. She looked surprised, then flattered.Well-if you really want me to, she said. She hugged her elbows with her hands and pirouetted again, her golden hair twisting on the floor. No, she said gleefully, turning back and pointing at them. You guess. You guess and Ill tell you right or wrong. Go onElena swallowed, casting a cloak-and-dagger glance at Stefan. She didnt see the point of stalling Katherine it was all liberation to list out the same in the end. But some instinct told her to hang on to life as long as she could.You attacked Vickie, she said, carefully. Her own voice sounded winded to her ears, but she was positive now. The girl in the finished church that night.Good Yes, Katherine cried. She made some oth er kitten swipe with clawed fingers. Well, after all, she was in my church, she added reasonably. And what she and that boy were doing-well You dont do that in church. So, I scratched her Katherine drew out the word, demonstrating, like somebody telling a bosh to a young child. And I cream the blood up She licked pale pink lips with her tongue. Then she pointed at Stefan. beside guessYouve been hounding her ever since, Stefan said. He wasnt playing the game he was making a sickened observation.Yes, were done with that Go on to something else, Katherine said corkingly. But then she fiddled with the buttons at the neck of her dress, her fingers twinkling. And Elena thought of Vickie, with her startled-fawn eyes, undressing in the cafeteria in front of everyone. I made her do sappy things. Katherine laughed. She was fun to play with.Elenas arms were numb and cramped. She accomplished that she was reflexively straining against the ropes, so pique by Katherines words that she could nt hold still. She made herself stop, trying or else to lean back and get a little savor into her deadened hands. What she was going to do if she got innocuous she didnt know, but she had to try.Next guess, Katherine was saying dangerously.Why do you say its your church? Damon asked. His voice was still distantly amused, as if no(prenominal) of this affected him at all. What about Honoria fierce?Oh, that old spook Katherine said maliciously. She peered around behind Elena, her mouth pursed, her eyes glaring. Elena realized for the first time that they were facing the overhear to the call optionpt, with the ransacked tomb behind them. mayhap Honoria would help themBut then she remembered that quiet, fade voice. This is the only help I can give you. And she knew that no further aid would come.As if shed read Elenas thoughts, Katherine was saying, She cant do anything. Shes just a pack of old bones. The graceful hands made gestures as if Katherine were suspension those bones. All she can do is talk, and lot of time I stopped you from earshot her. Katherines expression was dark again, and Elena felt an mordant twinge of fear.Yes That was funny. You all came running out of the house and started moaning and crying Katherine evoked the scene in pantomime the little dog lying in front of Bonnies house, the girls locomote out to find his body. He tasted bad, but it was worth it. I followed Damon there when he was a crow. I used to follow him a lot. If I wanted I could have grabbed that crow, and She made a sharp wringing motion.Bonnies dream, thought Elena, icy revelation brush over her. She didnt even realize shed talk aloud until she saw Stefan and Katherine looking at her. Bonnie dreamed about you, she whispered. But she thought it was me. She told me that she saw me standing under a tree with the wind blowing. And she was aquaphobic of me. She said I looked different, pale but almost glowing. And a crow flew by and I grabbed it and wrung its neck. Bi le was rising in Elenas throat, and she gulped it down. But it was you, she said.Katherine looked delighted, as if Elena had somehow proved her point. People dream about me a lot, she said smugly. Your aunt-shes dreamed about me. I tell her it was her stigma you died. She thinks its you telling her.Oh, idolI wish you had died, Katherine went on, her face turning spiteful. You should have died. I kept you in the river long enough. But you were such a tramp, getting blood from both of them, that you came back. Oh, well. She gave a furtive smile. Now I can play with you longer. I lost my rage that day, because I saw Stefan had granted you my ring. My ring Her voice rose. Mine, that I left for them to remember me by. And he gave it to you. That was when I knew I wasnt just going to play with him. I had to kill him.Stefans eyes were stricken, confounded. But I thought you were dead, he said. You were dead, five hundred historic period ago. KatherineOh, that was the first time I foo led you, Katherine said, but there was no glee in her tone now. It was sullen. I arranged it all with Gudren, my maid. The two of you wouldnt accept my choice, she burst out, looking from Stefan to Damon angrily. I wanted us all to be happy I love you. I loved you both. But that wasnt good enough for you.Katherines face had changed again, and Elena saw in it the hurt child of five centuries ago. That moldiness have been what Katherine looked like, then, she thought wonderingly. The wide blue eyes were actually filling with tears.I wanted you to love each other.Katherine went on, looking bewildered, but you wouldnt. And I felt awful. I thought if you thought Id died, that you would love each other. And I knew I had to go away, anyway, before Papa started to suspect what I was.But then-Katherines face twisted in grief-you did everything all wrong. You were supposed to be glowering, and cry, and pouf each other. I did it for you. But instead you ran and got swords. Why did you do th at? It was a cry from the heart. Why didnt you take my gift? You interact it like garbage. I told you in the raze that I wanted you to be harmonize with each other. But you didnt listen and you got swords. You killed each other. Why did you do it?Tears were slithering down Katherines cheeks, and Stefans face was wet, too. We were stupid, he said, as caught up in the memory of the past as she was. We blamed each other for your death, and we were so stupid Katherine, listen to me. It was my fault I was the one who attacked first. And Ive been sorry-you dont know how sorry Ive been ever since. You dont know how many an(prenominal) times Ive thought about it and wished there was something I could do to change it. Id have given anything to take it back-anything. I killed my brother His voice cracked, and tears spilled from his eyes. Elena, her heart breaking with grief, turned helplessly to Damon and saw that he wasnt even aware of her. The look of amusement was gone, and his eyes we re fixed on Stefan in talk concentration, riveted.Katherine, please listen to me, Stefan said shakily, issue his voice. Weve all hurt one some other enough. Please permit us go now. Or keep me, if you want, but let them leave. Im the one thats to blame. Keep me, and Ill do whatever you wantKatherines jewel-like eyes were liquid and impossibly blue, filled with an endless sorrow. Elena didnt dare to breathe, dismayed to break the spell as the elegant girl moved toward Stefan, her face tedious and yearning.But then the ice inside Katherine crept out again, freezing the tears on her cheeks. You should have thought of that a long time ago, she said. I might have listened to you then. I was sorry youd killed each other at first. I ran away, without even Gudren, back to my home. But then I didnt have anything, not even a new dress, and I was hungry and cold. I might have starved if Klaus hadnt found me.Klaus. through and through her dismay, Elena remembered something Stefan had to ld her. Klaus was the man whod made Katherine a vampire, the man the villagers said was evil.Klaus taught me the truth, Katherine said. He showed me how the world really is. You have to be strong, and take the things you want. You have to think only of yourself. And Im the strongest of all now. I am. You know how I got that way? She answered the capitulum without even waiting for them to respond. Lives. So many lives. Humans and vampires, and theyre all inside me now. I killed Klaus after a century or two. He was surprised. He didnt know how much Id learned.I brought you here, both of you. I put the thought in your mind, Stefan, the way you put thoughts into a humans. I guided you to this place. And then I made sure Damon followed you. Elena was here. I think she must be cogitate to me somehow she looks like me. I knew youd see her and feel guilty. But you werent supposed to origin in love with her The resentfulness in Katherines voice gave way to fury again. You werent supposed to embarrass me You werent supposed to give her my ringKatherineKatherine swept on. Oh, you made me so angry. And now Im going to make you sorry, really sorry. I know who I hate most now, and its you, Stefan. Because I loved you best. She seemed to regain control of herself, wiping the last traces of tears from her face and drawing herself up with exaggerated dignity.I dont hate Damon as much, she said. I might even let him live. Her eyes narrowed, and then widened with an idea. Listen, Damon, she said secretly. Youre not as stupid as Stefan is. You know the way things really are. Ive heard you say it. Ive seen things youve done. She leaned forward. Ive been lonely since Klaus died. You could keep me company. All you have to do is say you love me best. Then after I kill them well go away. You can even kill the girl if you want. Id let you. What do you think?Oh, God, thought Elena, sickened again. Damons eyes were on Katherines wide blue ones he seemed to be searching her face. And the whimsical amusement was back in his expression. Oh, God, no, Elena thought. Please, noSlowly, Damon smiled.

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