Saturday, July 27, 2019

Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Morality - Essay Example Considering that fundamentalist followers of any religion will have a different moral code from those of a liberal bent, it becomes nearly impossible to take dogma as a guideline for morals. Similarly, there have been times in history where certain laws themselves were unethical and even immoral therefore to follow those laws would be unethical and immoral. Therefore, I feel that my own morals come from ethical guidelines that have been given to us by experts in the field who continually update their suggestions based on changing times. That strikes very close to my idea of life since life itself is full of change and this dynamic nature of life is tremendously exciting. While the basic realties of life itself may not alter everyday, the expanding knowledge and greater understanding we have of the world around us brings changes to our lives which make it worth living. Considering the difference between what we knew a few hundred years ago and what we know today, it is not easy to project how our lives will change in a few years let alone a few decades. Yet the coming changes do not scare me in the least for I know that I will keep trying to improve my own condition as well as those who are around me. If I can devote my life to that purpose alone I would think that I have lived a good life and do not need to go far beyond that. I know that I can not change the world and I know that I probably will never be able to create anything which has a lasting affect beyond one or two generations that follow me. However, it is the idea which excites me that if I try hard enough I will be able to make a difference. Even if it is a small difference it should be something which adds to the quality of life rather than something that subtracts. Therefore, as I keep improving my own abilities and seek out ways in which I can make the lives of people

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