Monday, July 29, 2019

Sociology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sociology - Research Paper Example Being raised in a politically aware and active family, Weber had every possible opportunity to form his own ideas about the political and social world around him (Giddens, 1973). He saw first-hand many of the things that he was learning, so he was able to come to his own conclusions about some of these things. Especially with the sociological aspects, Weber was so close to all of the action that he was able to watch as it changed; in fact, after he had gone through the proper schooling, he was able to contribute to the things that he saw and believed. Like most people, Max Weber was influenced by what he grew up around. He took the views from both of his parents, as well as the views of other sociologists before him, and come up with theories of his own that he was able to pass on to the world of sociology. Since his mother was devoutly religious, and though Weber did not share this devout feeling, he based a lot of his work on religious grounds, spending a lot of his time comparing social phenomenon with religion. Likewise, his father being a political person, Weber took some of what he saw from his father and added it into the equation. With his own ideas mixed with the thoughts of his parents, Weber was able to come up with ideas that were uniquely

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