Friday, July 26, 2019

The body shop relationship marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The body shop relationship marketing - Essay Example The network of relationships whether with the supplier, customer, distributor, employees, partners or with the regulators is the playground for practicing relationship marketing techniques. The traditional marketing that has helped businesses to grow for decades can now be rendered as outdated with its narrow scope and inflexible approach. However, despite of these huge changes in the market dynamics, the fundamentals of marketing still remain the same. In recent times a lot many companies and organizations have tried adhering to the best practices of relationship marketing, but at the same time there have been examples where they have lost their grounds in this blind run. To ensure the better understanding of the subject matter, it becomes essential to discuss the same in the context of a company that has been practicing relationship marketing aggressively. Body shop in its more than 30 years old history (The Body Shop n.d) has launched many initiatives that focus on building relationships with all the stakeholders throughout the business network. This essay will attempt to address all the benefits of relationship marketing and simultaneously the flaws related with it will be discussed The body shop that was launched in UK in the year 1976 deals in beauty products which are made of naturally occurring ingredients and focusing on the philosophy of ‘Green Business’. Its network comprises of more than 2500 stores around the world through which The Body Shop operates in a global environment. Apart from that these stores located in almost 61 countries, the Body Shop also has strong online presence as well. There are various initiatives launched by the organization which help the organization to develop as a socially aware and responsible brand. This initiatives communicate strongly about the ethics of the organization that it not only cares for the people who are directly associated with it, but is also

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