Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Changes In The Use Of Buildings In Manchester Essay

The Changes In The Use Of Buildings In Manchester - Essay Example The city features a lot of famous buildings and landmarks including its palatial mills, warehouses, libraries, churches and other historical landmarks. The city of Manchester is also accredited to be the city from where the Industrial Revolution initiated. The city’s buildings have displayed an immense show of power, politics and wealth. The banking halls featured in the famous King Street simply go on to show reflect what’s just mentioned above by its large and well-furnished banking halls which were built during the Victorian era. Everything changes with time and so has the building landscape of Manchester. The twentieth century saw the grown of what’s referred to as the â€Å"modern day Mexico†. Recognizing the importance of studies, the Central Reference Library was built on Saint Peter’s Street, aiming to provide students and old aged people a good place to study and increase their knowledge about things. Focusing on civic amenities of the metr opolitan, the Town Hall Extensions were also developed with an aim to provide people places where they can head out to. Throughout the years the Manchester City Council has played a very active and important role in maintaining the old buildings of the city alongside constructing new ones. The citizens of Manchester take very much pride to be associated with in a city whose council has not just maintained old buildings and preserved the heritage of the city, but utilized them in such a manner that their existence is utilized to their full capacity. The once famous Corn Exchange has now become a Triangle, the famous Joshua Hoyle’s warehouse situated in Piccadilly has been converted into the classy Malmaison Hotel and the Watts Warehouse has been converted into a glamorous hotel.

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