Saturday, August 24, 2019

Ladies and gentleman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ladies and gentleman - Essay Example From the scripts of Castiglione, a universal person is nature’s goal set for every human being. It is only natural to become a well-rounded person. What this universality does to the person is that he/she form his opinion, makes him judgments and decides from a plethora of theories and ideas and incorporates almost every possible angle of the problem under the discussion. Leonardo Da Vinci was one such person, in fact he is also regarded as the prophet of the renaissance god. For he was a master of many fields of life, and he always preached the interconnectedness of things. (2) Create a â€Å"survey† based on the identified characteristics and â€Å"poll† at least ten people to find out whether or not the characteristics are relevant for a â€Å"gentleman† or â€Å"lady† of today. I agree with the characteristics of ladies and gents explained in the Book of Courtier. For instance, in the book a person of high etiquettes is considered to possess the necessary fashion sense (Raleigh, 1997). I agree with the book as it shows the spirit of a gentleman, men and women don’t have to absolutely have to agree with each and everything. For instance, kissing the hand of the lady was considered gentle back when the book was written, these days if someone does that in a club where everyone is dancing to trance music, it would certainly feel odd. The spirit of renaissance should not be taken in letter only, the spirit is more important than the words. Castiglione gave a general idea of what are proper manners in general back in his time plus the roles vary according to regions and cultures, even throughout Europe, the acceptable manners of a gentleman and a lady vary (Burke, 1995). For instance in the book, Sir Fredrick talks about Persia and how women should be at the court. Lord Gaspar thinks that the rules that apply to men are also applicable to women but Lord Julian disagrees. The nature of

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