Saturday, August 10, 2019

Goverment & Funding In the State of North Carolina Personal Statement - 1

Goverment & Funding In the State of North Carolina - Personal Statement Example The paper will involve an analysis of supporting and contrasting views on the federal law. The supporters of the federal law believe that it will ensure affordable health care to all the citizens. Governor Bev Purdue has stated that ‘innovation’ can help in curtailing the health care costs and improve health care in North Carolina. The governor had consulted several health leaders in Raleigh in the state health directors’ conference. Governor Purdue stated â€Å"The work being done at the local level, through health departments, educators, schools, non profit organizations and the business community combined with the support of all state agencies is essential to inspire people to action†. A special drive to improve the health of all the people of North Carolina has been adopted through certain objectives stated in the â€Å"Healthy North Carolina 2020 Plan†. The primary focus of this plan would be on the use of tobacco, unsafe sex, nutritional and physical activity, environmental risks, communicable diseases, mental health, infant and mother’s health, chronic diseases and dental health to name a few. The health ranking of North Carolin a is 35th in the country. The healthy North Carolina 2020 plan emphasizes on concerted efforts of the state, locality and regions to improve health in North Carolina against certain targets. Several evidence-based strategies are being adopted as for example, biking. The public health division has to meet various goals against resource constraints, set in healthy NC 2020 (NC Department of Health and Human Services, 2011). The Patient Protection and Affordability Act were enacted to introduce health care reforms. On March 23, 2010 a comprehensive health reform was signed by the President Mr. Barrack Obama, which converted the act into a law. This act addresses the issues related to the

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