Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Impact of Globalization on Cultures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Impact of Globalization on Cultures - Essay Example These countries import this labor from poor nations through globalization at no or very little cost (Effland et al, 2008). In addition, globalization has led to fierce competitive global markets that conduct business unethically. Moreover, through globalization, the terrorists have gained access to many countries including America and commissioned fatal attacks. Most significantly, globalization has led to the undermining of the indigenous culture by western adventures through acts of colonization and imperialism. As a result, colonized states are now prone to cultural invasion subject to the muted cultural disorientation. At the same time, the free production, distribution, and consumption of cultural goods and services has negatively led to commercialization of culture. Furthermore, globalization has led to the spread of fast foods across the world leading to adverse health impacts. Nevertheless, the positive impacts of globalization on culture supersede the negative impacts with a huge margin. In the medical field, the impact of globalization is synonymous. It affects the health care services and the health care professionals. There is convenient movement of patients from one country to another in search of better and cheaper health services. For example, some countries like India offer cheaper and professional surgical services than the US hence leading to medical tourism (International Society for Quality in Health Care, 2005). This program attracts many benefits to the patients who cannot afford expensive treatment in their home countries. We equally have the free movement of medical professional from one country to another for purposes of rendering treatment and in search of better pay. However, this... This essay approves that the positive impact of globalization is the spread of education where all genders can now seek for higher education from the best educational facilities in the world. In the recent times, we have seen many people from the poor and developing nations pursue their education in the developed countries like the US. Similarly, individuals can now access online education via the internet. Furthermore, globalization allows the spread of knowhow and innovations from the developed nation to the developing nations. Notably, the spread of medical innovations is significant in according better treatment to all nations. In addition, there has been considerable integration of culture, preservation of culture, quick access to various cultural heritages via the internet because of globalization. Globalization has equally led to the introduction of high quality goods in the market, new industries, and subsequent economic growth. The introduction of new industries further crea tes employment and investment opportunities in the developing nations. This report makes a conclusion that globalization promotes the investment and capital flows where countries like India that attract foreign investment thus giving developed countries like US good investment proposition. In matters of security, globalization boosts world security in that the international courts of justice and the understanding between the security agencies of reference countries allows the apprehending of terrorists from their hind outs thus curbing global terrorism.

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