Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Marcel Breuers Tubular Metal Chair Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marcel Breuers Tubular Metal Chair - Essay Example The discussion regarding the legacy of Bauhaus chairs reveal a number of aspects of the design and its connection with the modern designs. Many artists and others concur that the design of the classic Bauhaus chairs depicts the contemporary modern lifestyles. On the other hand, tubular metal chair predominantly paved way for a more advanced invention and innovativeness in the field of furniture design. This design in the artistic field paved way for a more chronologically advanced design industry whereby each and every individual artist is guided by their own liberally generated ideas. The functionalism of the modern furniture designs were particularly influenced by the post World II ideals of commoditization, cutting down excess and design practically. The remarkable shift from the decorative principles to minimalism as seen in the design of the Bauhaus chairs was generally attributed to the introduction of new technology as well as the changing philosophy of architecture. For examp le, the tubular metal chair was the revolutionary design in the furniture project under which bent tubular steel and canvas as well as manufacturing methods was powerfully used. The handlebar of Marcel’s Adler Bicycle inspired him a great deal in the adoption of the use of steel tubing to construct this chair. Through this design, it was proven that steel tubing was actually an appropriate material proposal by Marcel as it was available in larger quantity. The periphery of the tubular metal chair exhibition room was divided.

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